Anonymous:*pulls up at the airport* okay we are here! *smiles* -Zayn

*get off of the car* do you need help with the bags?

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Anonymous:*chuckles* okay, okay sorry *smiles* -Zayn

*smiles and pecks your cheek*

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Anonymous:*smiles and kisses your lips* -Zayn

*pulls away from the kiss* keep your eyes on the road I don’t want us to die

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Anonymous:*smiles* you have a beautiful voice baby *pecks your cheek* -Zayn

I know…i get that a lot babe *chuckles*

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Anonymous:*smiles and chuckles* you should baby, then we can sing duets! -Zayn

mmh… I don’t really know *looks at you* you know, my vocal skills are way better than yours *laughs*

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Anonymous:*sits in the car and tells the driving to go to the airport* -Zayn

*turns on the radio and sings along loudly* I’m do good.. I should be a singer! *chuckles*

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Anonymous:*walks to the car and puts our bags in the back* -Zayn

*gets in the car and closes the door*

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Anonymous:*walks back to you* okay lets go, the car should be out the front to take us to the airport -Zayn

*walks out of the hotel and to the car*

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Anonymous:good *gets off the elevator and walks to the front desk to book us out* -Zayn

*waits for you to finish*

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Anonymous:You better visit me *smiles* -Zayn

I hate missing you when you’re on tour, I’ll come for sure *gets off the elevator *

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