Anonymous:*finishes unpacking and waits for you to get out the shower* -Zayn

*gets out the shower and wraps towel around my body then enters our room*

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Anonymous:when I can call yaaaa ? ok I should stop before I freak out hahaha

Haha mmh maybe 6pm?

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Anonymous:Um okay then *frowns and starts unpacking my bag* -Zayn

*starts taking a shower*

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Anonymous:need to talk to ya today :) ok I didn't want to log in so this is why I'm a anon haha I'm sure u know who I am. IM SO ANXIOUS right nowww

Haha I knowwww!!! We totally need to talk cause I’m becoming super anxious too

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Anonymous:But I'm not thinking about those girls, I'm thinking about you and how much I love you -Zayn

Yeah…I’m sure you do *looks away* I’ll take a shower now *walks to the bathroom*

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readaboutlarrystylinson:Didn't mean to type the c's haha How are ya?

No worries, it’s okayy! All good, you ?

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dream job (c/x)

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Charlotte, NC - 9/27

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Zayn  steps out for a smoke on the balcony of his Toronto hotel. 

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