Anonymous:You don't sound very sorry babe -Zayn

But I really..really am baby*kisses your neck*^

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Anonymous:yeah but you whispering in my ear like that isnt helping -Zayn

Aww I’m sorry babe *starts nibbling at your earlobe*

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Anonymous:*bites my lip* baaaby, dont make it worse, your voice sounds so sexy like that -Zayn

*chuckles* but I haven’t done anything yet babe..

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Anonymous:Yeah but it's not so fun for me when I have a hard on in a plane full of people -Zayn

Well…I can’t take care of it *whispers in your ear*

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Anonymous:Baby don't do this on a plane, you're gonna get me all excited *mumbles* -Zayn

But I like you when you’re all excited *bites my lip*

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Anonymous:I guess you're right *chuckles and kisses your cheek* -Zayn

*cups your cheek and kisses you passionately* that’s a proper kiss *winks*

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Anonymous:I'm sorry love but would you really want to loose all your clothes *chuckles* -Zayn

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind to have me naked all time *laughs*

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Anonymous:*chuckles* but all our bags are already on the plane -Zayn

You’re not fun *pouts*

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Anonymous:*checks onto our flight, walks into the plane and finds our seats* -Zayn (no worries love, take your time x)

*sits down and smiles* we could run away before the flight takes off *looks at you and chuckles *

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